Monday, August 9, 2010

Ethiopiques Volume 13: Ethiopian Groove (2003)

One of our favorite compilations in this amazing series – a killer batch of 70s funk from Ethiopia! The instrumental grooves are very much in the style of the best American work at the time – like tracks by James Brown or Kool & The Gang – but the vocals have this amazing other-worldly feel that makes the music sound totally unique, and which pulls out some strange pitches in the instrumentation that really gives the whole thing a wild and edgey feel! The set's got 17 tracks in all – none of which you've probably heard before – and titles include "Tashamanaletch" and "Wededku Afqerkush" by Alemayehu Eshete, "Muziqawi Silt" by Wallias Band, "Gedawo" and "Gud Aderegetchegn" by Ayalew Mesafin, "Ya Djaleleto" and "Antchin Yagegnulet" by Tamrat Ferendji, and "Yemendjar Shega" by Muluqen Mellesse

These recordings are almost all from 1976 and 1977, so it's last-gasp-time before the military dictatorship clampdown killed off that golden age.
Another very solid Ethiopiques compilation that will both satisfy the series' veterans and whet the appetite of newcomers...

01. Tashamanalétch (She Stirs Up Covetousness) - Eshèté, Alèayèhu
02. Ewnètègna Feqer (A True Love) - Abbèbè, Tesfaye
03. Mètch Ené Terf Fèlèghu
04. Wèdèdku Afqèrkush (I'm in Love, I Love You) - Eshèté, Alèayèhu
05. Antchin Yagènulèt (When They See You) - Fèrèndji, Tamrat
06. Muziqa Muziqa
07. Atraqègn (Don't Go Away from Me) - Haylè-Michael, Tèzè
08. Yèmendjar Shèga - Menguistu, Shèwalul
09. Muziqawi Silt [Instrumental] - Bèyènè, Girma
10. Djemeregne - Menguistu, Shèwalul
11. Feqer Aydèlèm Wèy (Isn't It Love?) - Mèsfin, Ayalew
12. Ya Djalèléto (My Beautiful Beloved) - Fèrèndji, Tamrat
13. Tegel Nèw - Haylè-Michael, Tèzè
14. Gud Adèrègètchegn (She Shattered Me) - Mesfin, Ayalèw
15. Gèdawo (The Lucky One) - Mesfin, Ayalèw
16. Mètché Nèw (When?) - Sissay, Tèshomè
17. Amlak Abét Abét (Lord, I Pray of You) - Sissay, Tèshomè


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