Friday, October 23, 2009

Horrific Child "L'√Čtrange Monsieur Whinster" (Eurodisc, 913063, 1976)

This rare French Horror-Psych-Prog is on the Nurse With Wound list; and assuming you're the kind of person who thinks they might enjoy a little French Horror-Psych-Prog in your life now & then, it's well worth the half an hour you'll need to invest in digesting it.

The work of Jean-Pierre Massiera (a guy behind an awful lot of interesting/ experimental audio), it can been seen as a pretty logical progression from the fantastic & spooky-themed Les Maledictus Sound project which he also helmed (and in fact was similar enough in vibe that the "Les Maledictus Sound" CD re-release even contains a "Horrific Child" excerpt). Weaving Krautrock-esque prog around a spacy horror-soundtrack atmosphere, it's a really hypnotizing listen....Part rock album, part experimental ...

01 Frayeur
02 Angoisse
03 H I A (Horreur Indescriptible Et Accumulee)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Buckethead - Mad Monster Party

01 Frankenseuss Laboratories
02 Peppers Ghost
03 Gory Head Stump 2006 The Pageant
04 Ghost
05 Flesh for the Beast
06 Mad Monster Party
07 The Funeral
08 Ice Pick through Eyes
09 Night of the Slunk
10 Traveling Morgue
11 Slaughter Zone - The Haunted Farm
12 The Hand
13 Witches On The Heath
14 Angel Monster
15 Headstone
16 Spider Crawl
17 Buried Alive
18 Isle Of Dead
19 Frozen Brains Tell No Tales
20 The Spider's Web
21 The Corpse Plower