Monday, August 9, 2010

Ethiopiques Volume 11 – Alemu Aga: Harp Of King David

One of the more recent recordings in this series of CDs focusing on Ethiopian music – and one of the more mellow, too! The CD's devoted to work played on the Beguena, or "King David's Harp" – one of Ethiopia's oldest instruments, and one with a weirdly haunting sound. The style is kind of like a fretless bass being played in echoey bottom registers – acoustic here, but with an enigmatic electricity of its own that creates many trance-like moments! © 1996-2010, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

Ethiopiques Volume 11: Alemu Aga

01. Abatatchen Hoy - peter Noster
02. Medinanna Zelesegna - Medina And Zelesegna
03. Tew Semagn Hagere - Cher Concitoyen
04. Yeemebetatchen Selamta
05. Keto Ayqerem Motu
06. Sele Sene Seqlet
07. Abba Gragn Mote
08. Sele Sene Fetret
09. Dagem Metseat
10. Sele Genna
11. Man Yemeramer?
12. Yebeguenna Derdera


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Loving the ethiopiques - thank you! Is this session missing #8? Looking forward to more, thanks again!