Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baby Grandmothers - Turn on Tune in Drop out 1967

1967 Swedish Psychedelic Rock
"Baby Grandmothers were a short-lived Swedish band, but one of the most prolific and unique psychedelic, modal, experimental power-trios to emerge out of the Scandinavian psychedelic underground-scene in 1967. Recommended highly for all fans of raw psychedelic, reactive improvisational imaginative rock music, and also those interested of original 1960's Swedish "Prog" scene.

01 - Opus 1 Ascending
02 - Opus 2 Floating
03 - Opus 3 Descending

Psychedelic Phinland: Finnish Hippie & Underground Music 1967 - 1974

There's 29 tracks from almost as many artists, a fantastic trip into the early daze of the Finnish freak-scene. Psychedelic Phinland is just as political, and parodic, and perverse as it is potheaded. There's plenty of Flower Power pop and/or fuzzed-out blues rock, but you'll also find jazz-damaged prog and mystic folk, revolutionary theatre and electronic insanity.

Psychedelic Phinland: Finnish Hippie & Underground Music 1967 - 1974
01 CD1: Topmost The End - Topmost 02:42
02 Savu - Hector & Oscar 02:53
03 Kukkasen valta - Jukka Kuoppamäki 03:16
04 Hippijortsut pöhkölässä - Jorma Ikävalko 03:36
05 Cherry Cup-cake Twist - Blues Section 03:47
06 Must Be the Devil - Wigwam 04:26
07 Being Is More Than Life - Baby Grandmothers 05:45
08 Pientä peliä urbaanissa limousinessa - Eero Koivistoinen 06:03
09 Taiteen kritiikistä - Charlies 03:32
10 Ajatuksia - Apollo 05:06
11 Kasvoton kuolema ja Sirhan Sirhan - Suomen talvisota 1939-40 02:21
12 Tehtaan vahtimestarit - Suomen talvisota 1939-40 01:20
13 Flaggorna fladdrade i gentlemannens WC - Suomen talvisota 1939-40 03:56
14 Näkemiin, voi hyvin ystäväni - Tylympi kohtalo 05:21
15 Olen erilainen - Pekka Streng 03:44
16 Zeppeliini - Juice Leskinen & Coitus Int 03:14
17 Meiran laulu - Hector 05:05
18 Aurinkomaa - Jukka Kuoppamäki 03:34
19 Olen puhunut utopiaa - Markku Into 04:21
20 Tarzan apornas apa / Tarzan gregah / Jane Porter sivistyksen muurilla - Those Lovely Hula Hands 04:45
21 Menevät miehet - Those Lovely Hula Hands 01:40
22 Fos 2 - Pekka Airaksinen 05:33
23 Heinäsirkat I - The Sperm 16:05
24 Kaukana väijyy ystäviä - Sähkökvartetti 10:12
25 Simple Things - Kruununhaan Dynamo 05:04
26 Side one - Sikiöt 10:15
27 Trippin` Together - Sikiöt 10:48
28 Missä on Marilyn? - Those Lovely Hula Hands 05:11
29 Degnahc Ev´uoy - J. O. Mallander 01:41

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Various Artists - Can you Dig it, 70s Soul Experience

The liner notes that accompany this collection note that '70s soul music has never really gotten its due. One could argue that point for days, but hubris aside, there's no denying that Can You Dig It pays serious homage to the golden years of American soul. The new box set contains 6 CDs and 136 cuts, 65 of which hit the No. 1 spot on the R&B and/or pop charts. As you'd expect with a project that mines such a rich era (the CDs are compiled chronologically), it represents a who's who of stars. Among the notables: Marvin Gaye, Sly Stone, Curtis Mayfield, the Spinners, the O'Jays, the Staple Singers, James Brown, Chairmen of the Board, Laura Lee, Freda Payne, and Jean Knight. Lesser lights also get to shine, i.e., El Chicano, who deliver the salsafied hippie anthem "Tell Her She's Lovely." But let's be honest--the selling point is the hits, and from the uplifting "Ooh Child" to the sassy "Want Ads," if you grew up in the '70s (hands up), then these tracks are beloved. Sure, the hard-core fan will probably wish for more obscurities, and the exclusion of Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and George Clinton is troublesome, but anyone wanting an at-home jukebox loaded with classic R&B will certainly dig this.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Malo" (1972)

In 1971, Malo were signed to Warner Brothers Records and recorded their first album, which was simply entitled "Malo" (BS-2584). Arcelio co-wrote four of the six songs, including their classics "Nena" and "Cafe." Released in 1972, "Malo" also included “Suavecito," which had evolved from a song they had written and been doing in clubs called “My Love.” One of the band members at the time, Richard Bean, wrote a new lyric which gave birth to a major hit record. Malo members Pablo Tellez and Abel Zarate also got credit for the composition. “Suavecito” led to world tours and laid the groundwork for their career of three decades so far. The members on the first album were: Arcelio Garcia, lead vocals; Jorge Santana, lead guitar; Abel Zarate, lead guitar, vocals; Pablo Tellez, bass; Richard Spremich, drums; Richard Kermode, keyboards; Luis Gasca, trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals; and Roy Murray, 2nd trumpet, trombone, flute and sax. Guest musicians included Coke Escovedo, timbales; Victor Pantoja, congas; and Richard Bean, timbales and lead vocal on "Suavecito." Malo has always had a "melting pot" of an ethnic mix, with Chicanos, Anglos, and people of Puerto Rican, Nicaraguan, and Philippino descent.

The Best Of Malo (GNP Crescendo, 1991)

Malo was a Latin teenaged rock and roll group. The San Francisco, California based ensemble was led by Jorge Santana, the brother of famed Latin-Rock guitarist, Carlos Santana.

Four of the original members (Santana, Garcia, Tellez, and Bean) were previously in a band called the Malibu's. The other three founding members (Abel Zarate, Roy Murray, and Richard Spremich) were in a band called Naked Lunch (see: together.

Malo had a huge Top 20 hit single with the song "Suavecito" in 1972 that was written by timbale player Richard Bean, who initially wrote it as a poem for a girl in his high school algebra class. The song has been called "The Chicano National Anthem" and was arranged for Malo by Richard Bean, bassist Pablo Tellez, and Abel Zarate. Tellez and Zarate also received co-author credits on Suavecito. In addition, guitarist Abel Zarate gave Malo a distinctive two-guitar sound, with intricate harmony and dual solos the norm. The band featured full horn and percussion sections, in the style of contemporary bands Blood, Sweat & Tears, Chicago and others. Some of the best musicians in the bay area played in Malo, including Forrest Buchtel, Jr., Ron Smith, Luis Gasca, and Tom Harrell in the trumpet section. Malo's music also had a huge following in Central and South America, especially the songs "Chevere", "Nena", "Pana", "Cafe" and "Oye Mama".

After the release of its first album, Malo had a well-documented rift that saw the group eliminate many of its band members. Buchtel went on to play with Blood, Sweat and Tears, Jaco Pastorius and Woody Herman - Harrell has become one of the most lyrical trumpet soloists of all-time, working often with saxophonist Phil Woods. Abel Zarate went on to play with Latin-jazz legend Willie Bobo and continues to play Latin/Brazilian Global jazz in San Francisco with his group Zarate Pollace Project. Richard Bean formed the group "Sapo" with his brother Joe, and is still touring throughout Northern California. Jorge Santana has embarked on a solo career, and still plays frequently with the current Malo band. Malo is also still touring, with only two of the original members, including Arcelio Garcia Jr., who took over the band in the late '70s.

The 1972 "Suavecito" release was sung by Richard Bean with Abel Zarate, and Arcelio Garcia on background vocals, and Zarate playing the signature guitar riffs. Richard Bean continues to perform the hit single with his band Sapo and recently shared his story about "Suavecito" on, Channel 9.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

VA - Broasted or Fried - Latin Breakbeats, Basslines & Boogaloo


1. Bobby Valentin Use It Before You Lose It (3:00)
2. Latinaires, The Creation (3:16)
3. Joey Pastrana And His Orchestra My Shingaling (3:03)
4. Joe Torres Get Out Of My Way (2:58)
5. Fire Flight To Cuba (3:08)
6. Harlem River Drive Seeds Of Life (5:04)
7. Monguito Santamaria Groovetime (4:41)
8. Joe Bataan So Fine (3:05)
9. Tito Puente Black Brothers (4:17)
10. Kako And His Orchestra Kako's Boogaloo (3:46)
11. Roberto Roena Canta Una Simple (Sing A Simple Song) (2:39)
12. Hector Rivera I Want A Chance For Romance (2:28)
13. Herbie Mann Jungle Fantasy (7:53)
14. St. Vincent Latinaires Broasted Or Fried (4:17)

Eddie Palmieri – Harlem River Drive

A legendary Latin funk album -- spearheaded by Eddie Palmieri! The record is a landmark crossover album from the early 70s -- cut at the end of the Latin soul era, but featuring that genre's wonderful mix of Puerto Rican soul, Spanish Harlem Latin, and New York funk. The grooves are all nice and long -- with plenty of hard jamming, and soulful lyrics in English that have a very positive message. All tracks are great -- and titles include "Seeds Of Life", "Harlem River Drive", and "Idle Hands". Eddie Palmieri plays piano, and the group grooves hard with a killer Latin funk sound!

1. Harlem River Drive (Theme Song)
2. If (We Had Peace Today)
3. Idle Hands
4. Broken Home
5. Seeds of Life

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Various Artists - Super Cool California Soul 2

"A golden state's worth of funky soul from the 60s and 70s - pulled together in a collection that's arguably even better than the first volume in the series! The tracks here are all incredibly solid - tunes that aren't just great because they're rare, but because they perfectly illustrate the hard-hitting groove going on in the California underground..."

1 Compared to What Gow Dow Experience
2 Half-Way Loving Buddy Conner
3 Super Cool (You're Just Super Fool) Pat Hunt
4 Revolution Rap Jefferson, Joey Band
5 Beverly Mokie, J.J., R.O.B.
6 Isn't It Lonely Carmelita
7 I Know You're Leaving Me Sy Hightower
8 Fancy Spanky Wilson
9 Big Herm LAPD
10 I'm Hungry Johnny Morisete
11 We Got to Get It Together David Glover
12 I Have Changed HP Riot
13 Psychedelic Sally Gow Dow Experience
14 Space Nigga Rodney Trotter
15 Such a Night Darondo
16 Compared to What [Bonus Version] Gow Dow Experience

Monday, September 7, 2009

Miles Davis - The Complete On The Corner Sessions

The Complete On the Corner Sessions is the eighth and final deluxe box set in the Miles Davis Series.

Columbia records has released a series of ten box sets containing recordings from the 1950s to the 1970s. These contain material not available on other Columbia albums. Following on from The Complete In a Silent Way Sessions; The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions; The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions; and The Cellar Door Sessions the latest release takes a look at the funk/ Jazz fusion album that would have a strong influence on hip hop in the late 1980s, especially on the Beastie Boys. The album was Miles' electronic twist on what Duke Ellington called the “jungle sound.” His band was made up of musicians trained not in the basics of jazz, but on the newer sounds of James Brown and Sly Stone.

The box set includes more than 6 hours of music. Twelve of these are previously unissued tracks. Another five tracks are previously unissued in full. They cover sixteen sessions from On the Corner, Big Fun, and Get Up with It until Davis's mid-seventies retirement. Miles is joined in these recordings by Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlin, Jack DeJohnette, Billy Hart, and many others. The 6-CD deluxe edition also contains a 120-page full-color booklet with liner notes and essays by producer Bob Belden, journalist Tom Terrell, and arranger/ composer Paul Buckmaster as well as rare photographs and new illustrations.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Quantic Presents: The World's Rarest Funk 45s

Will Quantic is known around the world for his blistering stage performances with his band the Quantic Soul Orchestra. His ear for a good tune, and his feel for a good rhythm didn't come from nowhere - you see Quantic has been collecting rare funk 45s for years, and in that time he has absorbed every drum kick, every horn line and every guitar lick into his very soul. It's a shame that the original 45s are so rare, with only a few hundred being pressed in many cases, but it is possible that with such rarity comes excellence, distinction and quality. We sincerely hope that by drawing attention to not only the music, but the stories behind the music and the performers themselves, we will inspire more people in the world to create and perform music of the calibre that Quantic does today. Listen, learn and enjoy! Jazzman Records. 2006.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cold Heat -- Heavy Funk Rarities 1968-1974 Vol 1

Cold Heat is a follow-up to the smoking Funky 16 Corners set -- and like that one, it's overflowing with great bits that have barely (or never) been heard by the rest of the world at large. Compiler Egon has gone through a range of rare singles, masters, and demos -- and has come up with tunes that burn with a brightness that's undeniable. The grooves are all on the harder end of the James Brown Funky People side of the spectrum -- and some tracks are by names that are finally getting their due, thanks to the work of Egon, Wax Poetics, and some of the other funky forces doing the good work over the past few years. In a way, the collection's a summation of some of the singles and reissues coming out through the Now Again/Stones Throw imprint -- but it also features some other bits and alternate versions that are totally great! Titles include "Don't Go" by Aristocrats Organization, "Loaded To The Gills (edit)" by Michael Liggins & The Supersouls, "Mr Chicken (alternate)" by The Soul Seven, "Slipping Into Darkness" by Dayton Sidewinders, "James Brown Medley" by The Apollo Commanders, "Scorpio" by Kashmere Stage Band, "Sad Chicken" by Leroy & The Drivers, "Street Scene" by Leon Mitchinson, "Free Your Mind" by Amnesty, "The Thing" by Carleen & The Groovers, "Go For Yourself (edit)" by Kenny Smith & The Loveliters, and "The Stretch (edit)" by Detroit Sex Machines.

Joe Zawinul - Zawinul (Atlantic, 1971)

Conceptually, sonically, this is really the first Weather Report album in all but name, confirming that Joe Zawinul was the primary creative engine behind the group from the beginning. It is also the link between WR and Miles Davis' keyboard-laden experiments on In a Silent Way; indeed, the tune "In a Silent Way" is redone in the more complex form in which Zawinul envisioned it, and Miles even contributes a brief, generous tribute to Zawinul on the liner. Two keyboardists -- Zawinul and the formidable Herbie Hancock -- form the underpinning of this stately, probing album, garnishing their work with the galactic sound effects of the Echoplex and ring modulator. Earl Turbinton provides the Wayne Shorter-like beams of light on the soprano sax, spelled by Wayne himself on "Double Image." The third founder of WR, Miroslav Vitous, checks in on bass, and hard-bopping trumpeter Woody Shaw proves to be perfectly adept at the jazz-rock game. Two short-lived standards of the jazz-rock era, the aforementioned "Double Image" and "Doctor Honoris Causa," are introduced here, yet it is mood pieces like "His Last Journey" and "Arrival in New York" that with the help of tape-speed manipulation, establish the lasting, murky, reflective ambience of this CD