Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Santana - Lotus (Live, released in 1975)

Lotus is the first live album release by American Jazz rock/ fusion act Santana. The album was recorded on the 3rd and 4th of July 1973 in Osaka, Japan and released on Colombia records in May 1974. The original LP version ( which was meant to be a Japanese only release) is a triple vinyl while the most common CD version is a double album. There is a Japanese triple CD version available too which was released in 2006. The song selection comes from the albums Abraxas (1970), Santana 3 (1971), Caravanserai (1972) and Welcome (1973). There are also a couple of new tracks that hadn´t appeared on any of the earlier studio albums. The lineup consists of a mix of the members from the original Santana group and the members of the post-Caravanserai Santana lineup.

1. Going Home (3:23)
2. A-1 Funk (3:13)
3. Every Step of the Way (11:30)
4. Black Magic Woman (3:38)
5. Gypsy Queen (3:57)
6. Oye Como Va (5:47)
7. Yours Is The Light (5:30)
8. Batuka (0:55)
9. Xibaba (4:13)
10. Stone Flower (Introduction) (1:14)
11. Waiting (4:14)
12. Castillos de Arena, Part 1 (Sand Castle) (2:51)
13. Free Angela (4:26)
14. Samba de Sausalito (4:02)

15. Mantra (7:17)
16. Kyoto (9:58)
17. Castillos de Arena, Part 2 (Sand Castle) (1:13)
18. Incident AT Neshabur (15:57)
19. Se A Cabo (5:39)
20. Samba Pa Ti (8:56)
21. Mr. Udo (3:07)
22. Toussaint L'Overture (7:40)


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Many Thanks!!!

Slidewell said...

Somewhere in the mid '70s I lost the connection with Santana. Maybe I thought they were getting too commercial, whatever. But I completely missed the boat on this wild slab of Latin/psych/fusion. Plenty to digest on this double disk set, and thanks for bringing this gem to my long overdue attention.

Barron said...

When I saw this listed in your archive I had a moment of hope that this would be a vinyl rip. Lotus was a 3 lp set condensed to 2 cds. Missing is a masterful 20 minute version of 'My Favorite Things' a la Coltrane.

Still searching... Guess I'll have to console myself with some of the other treasures posted here. ;^)