Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ethiopiques, Vol. 1: Golden Years Of Modern Ethiopian Music

The introductory album to what is an ongoing series on the music of Ethiopia from the '60s and '70s features a variety of vocal and instrumental tracks from artists mostly unfamiliar to Western audiences. This brief period of liberated creativity before a military shutdown yielded an astonishing burst of creativity, melding the traditions of Ethiopia (geographically and culturally straddling Africa and the Middle East) with R&B and European pop in unexpected ways. Loping rhythms merge with Memphis-style horns, wheezy Farfisa organs, and quavering but passionate vocals that at times shimmer with brilliance. Early tracks by superstar Mahmoud Ahmed merge with rarities like the stunning Teshome Meteku, whose career spanned only four tracks total. Ending with the biggest ever hit, Getatchew Kassa's "Tezeta" (5,000 copies sold), this will leave you wanting more. This music is infectious. It is performed with passion and intensity. There is both ska and reggae influence, Jazzy arrangements and mellow singing.Wild, beautiful Ethiopian Deep Soul music - this album is sublime...

Ethiopiques - Vol. 1
01 Hédètch Alu 5:17
02 Wètètié Maré 3:36
03 Eté Endénesh Gèdawo 4:15
04 Gizié Dègu Nègèr 3:42
05 Yeger Mèmèkatesh 5:14
06 Aynotché Tèrabu 4:03
07 Ewnèt Yèt Lagegnesh [instrumental] 2:46
08 Tezeta 5:21
09 Mèla Mèla 3:26
10 Bèmgnot Alnorem [instrumental] 2:40
11 Gara Ser Nèw Bétesh 3:15
12 Yèzeèmèd Yèbaed 3:52
13 Mot Adèladlogn 4:06
14 Hasabé u 3:58
15 Heywèté [instrumental] 5:16
16 Tezeta [Slow] 5:09
17 Tezeta [Fast] 4:00


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