Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Various Artists - Super Cool California Soul 2

"A golden state's worth of funky soul from the 60s and 70s - pulled together in a collection that's arguably even better than the first volume in the series! The tracks here are all incredibly solid - tunes that aren't just great because they're rare, but because they perfectly illustrate the hard-hitting groove going on in the California underground..."

1 Compared to What Gow Dow Experience
2 Half-Way Loving Buddy Conner
3 Super Cool (You're Just Super Fool) Pat Hunt
4 Revolution Rap Jefferson, Joey Band
5 Beverly Mokie, J.J., R.O.B.
6 Isn't It Lonely Carmelita
7 I Know You're Leaving Me Sy Hightower
8 Fancy Spanky Wilson
9 Big Herm LAPD
10 I'm Hungry Johnny Morisete
11 We Got to Get It Together David Glover
12 I Have Changed HP Riot
13 Psychedelic Sally Gow Dow Experience
14 Space Nigga Rodney Trotter
15 Such a Night Darondo
16 Compared to What [Bonus Version] Gow Dow Experience

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