Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baby Grandmothers - Turn on Tune in Drop out 1967

1967 Swedish Psychedelic Rock
"Baby Grandmothers were a short-lived Swedish band, but one of the most prolific and unique psychedelic, modal, experimental power-trios to emerge out of the Scandinavian psychedelic underground-scene in 1967. Recommended highly for all fans of raw psychedelic, reactive improvisational imaginative rock music, and also those interested of original 1960's Swedish "Prog" scene.

01 - Opus 1 Ascending
02 - Opus 2 Floating
03 - Opus 3 Descending


marram62 said...

kingpossum said...

Great post! This is the bonus CD that came with the "Encyclopedia of Swedish Progressive Music 1967-1979", so grab it people and then explore the rest of "The Movement" as this genre has been called.

The scene melded folk, jazz and bizarre experimental stuff in too, and it's a whole musical universe unto itself.

kingpossum said...

...which reminds me--any chance to post the impossibly rare Carsten Regild LP from the Swedish "Movement" period?