Monday, July 13, 2009

LA Carnival Would Like To Pose A Question

Sweet jazzy funk -- from the cornbelt of Omaha! The LA Carnival are one of those rarer-than-rare funk groups who not only never got their due back in the day -- but also recorded a heck of a lot of great material that never even got issued! They have a totally great sound that bubbles in jazzy licks on trumpet, sax, and organ -- next to tighter, funkier vamping on the rhythms -- all of which makes for a killer approach to the groove that's surprisingly fresh, given the passage of three decades since the group's heyday. And leave it to the folks at Stones Throw -- who know how to dig beyond the crates, into the earth, and come up with a lost slice of funk history that has made the world a much better musical place. They've lovingly remastered these great recordings from the early 70s, and have packaged the whole thing with a well-done set of notes that really goes into detail about this unique group, their amazing sound, and their obscure Nebraska origins! An instant funk essential -- and one you'll be thanking yourself for buying for years to come. Titles include "Black Man's March", "Ron's Tune", "The Klan", "Color", "Flyin", "We Need Peace & Love", and "Blind Man".


marram62 said...

02.We Need Peace and Love
03.(We'd Like To) Pose a Question
04.Seven Steps to Nowhere
05.Blind Man
06.Can You Hum a Tune
08.The Klan
09.Black Man's March
10.Ron's Tune Alternate Take


12.Ron's Tune
13.Bad Luck
14.Blues For L.A.

NA5009 2LP/CD 2003

Produced by Scott Abrams

Lester Abrams - drums, vocals, organ, acoustic piano, percussion Arno Lucas - vocals, percussion Leslie Smith - vocals Rick Chudacoff - electric bass, backup vocals Ron Cooley - electric and acoustic guitar Geno DeVaughn - trumpet Percy Marion - tenor saxophone, flute Michael Patterson - alto saxophone

007fletch said...

Just picking my way through your archives and finding an outrageous gem about every day. Thanks a ton for all of the great music!!!