Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Anthology (1970-1994)

Racially mixed and, for a time, commercially hot, War forged an undeniable fusion between the 'hood and the barrio, infusing their brand of funk with Latin rhythms, jazz flourishes, and gritty social realism that summed up the '70s. This two-CD collection traces War's lengthy and varied career, from the early days backing up Eric Burdon on "Spill the Wine" to their "Low Rider" (still sampled to this day) and the steely desperado epic "Cisco Kid." Capable of both pop hits such as "Why Can't We Be Friends" and the murky R&B of "Slipping into Darkness," War created some of the coolest and musically adventurous tracks of the '70s and '80s, paving the way for Latino rappers like Cypress Hill and Kid Frost.

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marram62 said...

Disc: 1
1. Tobacco Road - Eric Burdon, War
2. Spill the Wine - Eric Burdon, War
3. They Can't Take Away Our Music - Eric Burdon, War
4. Sun Oh Son
5. Lonely Feelin'
6. All Day Music
7. Get Down
8. Slippin' into Darkness
9. Cisco Kid
10. World Is a Ghetto
11. City, Country, City [Edited Version]
12. Where Was You At
13. Gypsy Man
14. Me and Baby Brother
15. Deliver the Word
16. Ballero
Disc: 2
1. Why Can't We Be Friends?
2. Low Rider
3. Don't Let No One Get You Down
4. Summer
5. L.A. Sunshine
6. River Niger
7. Galaxy
8. Youngblood (Livin' in the Streets)
9. This Funky Music Makes You Feel Good
10. Music Band
11. Outlaw
12. You Got the Power
13. Cinco de Mayo
14. Life (Is So Strange)
15. Don't Let No One Get You Down ['92 Version] - Hispanic M.C.'s, War
16. Peace Sign [Single Version]