Sunday, April 3, 2011

World's Rarest Funk 45' (Volume 2)

01. Clap Your Hands Reginald Milton & The Soul Jets
02. Just Take Your Time Innersouls
03. Deal With It Jimmy Lane & The Incredible Five
04. Monkey In A Sack Lil Buck & The Top Cats
05. Congestion The Devastation
06. Party Abraham & The Metronomes
07. Walking On The Moon Reverend Jamel & Bob Johnson
08. No Names Will Be Called Road Runners
09. Backtalk (Pts. I & II) The 2nd Amendmen Band
10. Right On Right Off The Afros Band
11. Funky Manuel Black On White Affair
12. Top Going Down, Bottom Going Up Nathan Bartell
13. Baby Don't Cry The Third Guitar
14. New Generation The Universals
15. Zambezi (Pts. I & II) The Fun Company
16. Simmerin' Weston Prim & Backlash

Some of the best and rarest Funk 45s never to be heard before for the first time on CD! Includes previously unreleased material and, As with Volume 1, Jazzman continue to champion the magnificent and near forgotten sounds of America’s finest and funkiest 45 releases. Four decades on, these releases still pack a dancefloor beside any modern music production and more than often eclipse their modern counterparts with the sheer style and soul they exude. As we as listeners propel ourselves further into an ever more uncertain musical future I feel it of unique importance to honor and rejoice the musical wealth of these past recordings. Jazzman. 2007.

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