Monday, February 21, 2011

Lloyd Miller -A Lifetime In Oriental Jazz

01 Gole gandom
02 Amber Eyes
03 Le Grand Bidou
04 Bizz-aire
05 Amber Eyes
06 Gole Gandom
07 Indo-European Improvisations
08 Hue Wail
09 Chant Inca
10 Bhairava Raga
11 Khamaj Curry
12 Gole Gandom
13 Bhairavi Raga
14 Shur Thing

2009 definitive anthology of the legendary jazz musician & ethno-musicologist. Selections from rare privately pressed albums, live sessions in Europe, and previously unreleased material. This is the story of his extraordinary personal journey from the West Coast to the Far East. Played on a plethora of exotic instruments from around the world, Miller's music is a unique blend of jazz with the modal and spiritual sounds of traditional Asian and Middle Eastern music. Newly remastered sound. Five stars in Mojo mag. 14 tracks.


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Sounds like an amazing music from the world we share. Thank you.