Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mandarin Movie - Mandarin Movie (2005)

"Mandarin Movie is a project from Chicago native and current Brazil resident Rob Mazurek, a cornetist, composer, painter, improviser, and multi-media artist whose unique musical style draws from free jazz, hard-bop, experimental electronica and minimalism. Mandarin Movie's debut release is a full frequency audio assault, dense and beautiful at times, unrestrained, chaotic & hard at other times, with an almost sculptural quality, always preparing us for the beauty of sound and silence. The name 'Mandarin Movie' stems from a dream Rob had in 2003, evoking an artist's vision of singular clarity similar to Sun Ra's Space is The Place. At the dreams end Rob found himself atop the highest building in the world where 'It was all light beams and flying discs and dense beautiful sounding explosions which put a good feeling in the back of your head'." Includes Alan Licht on guitar.

01 Orange
02 The Green Giraffe
03 Black Goat (part one)
04 Black Goat (part two)
05 The Ghost Ship Is Sinking
06 Peking Duck With Steam Dumpling
07 A Very Modern Camera (part one)
08 A Very Modern Camera (part two)
09 Ghost Ships Don?t Sink
10 The Highest Building In The World


Alan Licht - Guitar
Steve Swell - Trombone
Jason Ajemian - Double Bass, Electronics
Frank Rosaly - Drums
Rob Mazurek - Computer, Electric Eels
Moog; Pianette, Cornet; John Herndon - Drums, Programming (track 2)
Rick Rizzo - Guitar (track 2)
Mikael Jorgensen - Computer (track 1)
Jim Becker - Fiddle, Banjo - (track 5)

Style: Modern Jazz

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