Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sixties Japanese Garage Psych Sampler (1966-69)

01.Love Is My Life
02.Tunnel To Heaven
03.Long Tall Sally
04.Chu Chu Chu
05.Tell Me More
06.Why Baby Why
07.Burning Burning
08.I'm Just A Mops
09.Anything You Want
10.Please Please Trina
11.Lonely Highway
13.Everythings Alright
14.Hey Chance

this is a groovy thing i found on the inner nets years ago...i don't know the names of the bands...probably couldn't pronounce them even if i knew 'em, but these tracks are the real deal and at least worth checking out!


marram62 said...

Dontsendimdaahn said...

Again. Not sure what to expect, but thanks for sharing

paride said...

this is amazing.
i found it some years ago. listening righ now.
absolutely amazing