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Art of Field Recording: Volume II : 50 Years of Traditional American Music

"Art Rosenbaum is a folk revivalist of the old school. He believes that traditional ballads, blues, spirituals, and fiddle tunes are among the glories of American culture. Last fall, Dust-to-Digital released Art of Field Recording: Volume I, a four-CD retrospective of Rosenbaum’s work. It contained everything from ring shouts and murder ballads to a song about twenty frogs going to school. It was full of throaty voices and clanging banjos and the incidental music of daily life—babies crying, bar glasses clinking, cicadas on a summer night." — Burkhard Bilger, The New Yorker

Art of Field Recording Volume II is a four disc set with a 96 page book that contains essays and annotations by Art and over 100 illustrations and photographs by Art and his wife Margo. Art took a similar approach to Harry Smith in assembling the music: the discs are divided into Accompanied Songs and Ballads, Unaccompanied Songs and Ballads, Sacred, and a Survey disc that has a little bit of everything.

Track Listing:

CD1: Survey

01. Fidel Martin - La Grondeuse (The Scolding Woman)
02. Eddie Bowles - Blues
03. Frosty Lamb and Buzz Fountain - 12th Street Rag
04. Dwight "Red" Lamb - Danish Galop
05. Tony Bryant - Broke Down Engine
06. The Balfa Brothers and Nathan Abshire - J'ai Pass̩ Devant Ta Porte
07. The Balfa Brothers and Nathan Abshire - Colinda
08. Jake Staggers - Garfield
09. Bobby McMillon - The Devil Song [Child 275]
10. John W. Summers - Unnamed Tune
11. Kirk Brandenberger and Art Rosenbaum - Going Across the Prairie
12. Uncle John Patterson - Muddy Roads of Georgia
13. Cecil Barfield - Georgia Blues
14. Mary Lomax - Billy Staffer (The State of Arkansas) [Laws H1]
15. Eller Brothers - Cindy In The Summer Time
16. Ross Brown and Howard Cunningham - General Lee's Surrender
17. Neal Pattman - Shortnin' Bread
18. Juanita and Oscar "Shorty" Shehan - Free Little Bird
19. Juanita and Oscar "Shorty" Shehan - The Soldier And The Lady [Laws P 14]
20. Shirley Griffith - Big Road Blues
21. Pete Steele - Harlan County Farewell Tune (Rambling Hobo)
22. Earl Murphy and Andy Carlson - Marmaduke's Hornpipe
23. Bert Hare - Jonah
24. Smoky McGinness and Bob Black - Turkey In The Straw
25. Clester Hounchell - Paddy On The Turnpike
26. Anna Sandage Underhill - Play Party Songs: In this Ring/I'd Rather Be A Farmer's Boy
27. The Chancey Brothers - Mulberry Gap/Cumberland Gap
28. Louie and Henry Riendeau - Fred Rogers' Reel
29. Scrapper Blackwell - Goin' Where The Monon Crosses the Yellow Dog

CD2: Religious

01. Brown's Chapel Choir - Welcome Home
02. Myers Family and Friends - The River Of Jordan
03. Fleeta and Rev. Nathaniel Mitchell: with Lucy and Brady "Doc" Barnes - Brother, You Ought t've Been There
04. Georgia Sacred Harp Convention - New Prospect
05. Bert Hare - No Man Can Love Me Like Jesus
06. Ebenezer East Church - He's Calling Me
07. Gordon Tanner and Smoky Joe Miller - Out Of My Bondage
08. Tickanetley Primitive Baptist Church - Mother, Tell Me Of The Angels
09. Otha Cooper - No Room At The Hotel
10. The Traveling Inner Lights - Let's Have A Family Prayer
11. Over in the Glory Land Golden River Grass
12. Rev. Willie Mae Eberhart, Sister Fleeta Mitchell and Eddie Ruth Pringle - A Charge to Keep I Have
13. Jake Staggers and Family - How Long the Train Been Gone?
14. Pilgrim's Rest Primitive Baptist Church - Lord, Remember Me
15. McIntosh County Shouters - Eve And Adam (Pickin' Up Leaves)
16. Otha Cooper and Imogene Riggens - There's A Man Going Around Taking Names
17. Lucy and Brady "Doc" Barnes - Savior, Don't You Pass Me By
18. Laethe Eller and Berthie Rogers - Oh That Terrible Day
19. Cora Thompson - I Know I Got Religion
20. Silver Light Gospel Singers - Dry Bones
21. House of God, Sarasota, Florida - Walk With Me

CD3: Accompanied Songs and Ballads

01. The Chancey Brothers - I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground
02. The Eller Family - Going To Georgia
03. George Gibson - Southern Texas
04. Lucy and Brady "Doc" Barnes - Raise A Ruckus Tonight
05. Myers Family and Friends - The Rambling Boy [Laws L12]
06. Shorty Ralph Reynolds - Want To Go To Cuba, Can't Go Now
07. Ola Belle Reed - The Boat's Up The River
08. Pat Hudson - Hog Drivers
09. W. Guy Bruce - As I Walked Out One Morning In Spring
10. Gordon Tanner and Smoky Joe Miller - Devilish Mary
11. Buell Kazee - Barbara Allen [Child 84]
12. Jack Bean - Steamboat Bill
13. Lawrence Eller and Ross Brown - John Henry [Laws I1]
14. Mose Parker - John Henry [Laws I1]
15. Willard Benson - John Hardy [Laws I2]
16. Myers Family and Friends - Old Joe Clark
17. Dr. C. B. Skelton - The Miller's Will [Laws Q21]
18. Lawrence Eller - On Top Of Old Smoky
19. Pete Steele - Last Payday At Coal Creek
20. Helen McDuffie and Leasie Whitmire - The Wreck On The CC&O Road [Laws G3]
21. Buzz Fountain - Quit That Ticklin' Me
22. Mabel Cawthorn - Going To The Country (Some Kind of Blues)
23. Myers Family and Friends - Talking Blues
24. The Eller Brothers and Ross Brown - Don't Go Riding Down That Old Texas Trail
25. Jack Bean - Ring Ching Ching

CD4: Unaccompanied Songs and Ballads

01. Mary Lomax - Fair And Tender Maidens
02. Virgil Sandage - The Bird's Song
03. Anna Sandage Underhill - The Elfin Knight [Child 2]
04. Stan Gilliam - Gypsy Davy [Child 200]
05. Mary Lomax - Black Jack Davy [Child 200]
06. Ray Rhodes - Black Jack Davy [Child 200]
07. Oscar "Doc" Parks - The Battle Of Stone River
08. The Phillips Wonders - Froggy Went A-Courting
09. Mary Heekin - The Factory Girl
10. Jim Cook - I'm A Noble Soldier
11. Anna Sandage Underhill - The Young Man's Lament
12. Vern Smelser - The Butcher's Boy [Laws P24]
13. Ollie Gilbert - Lady Lye [Child 79]
14. Stan Gilliam - Lullabies
15. Ollie Gilbert - Utah Carl [Laws B4]
16. Mary Ruth Moore - Billy Button
17. Oneitha Ellison and Group - Ring Plays
18. Mr. and Mrs. Lazore - Mohawk Love Song
19. Alice Gerrard - Shenandoah
20. Greg and Lala Brown - Two Little Boys
21. Mary Lomax - Down In The Arkansas
22. Bonnie Loggins - I'll Drink And Be Jolly
23. Brady "Doc" Barnes - We'll March Around The Wall
24. Vern Smelser - John Came Home [Child 274]
25. Margaret Kimmett - The Farm Out West
26. Ray Rhodes - Frankie And Johnny [Laws I3]
27. Della Mae Reedy - The Farmer's Son Mistress
28. Maude Thacker - The Famous Wedding [Laws P31]
29. Stan Gilliam - Sail Away, Lady/Greenback
30. Sudie Parks - The Lame Soldier
31. Oscar "Doc" Parks - Pearl Bryan [Laws F2]
32. Bonnie Loggins - Sing, Sing, What'll I Sing?


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Thanks for posting in a smaller size. I have it now and it is great, very high quality, and very interesting.
Although this is the post for Vol 2, you have split Vol 1 here. I would like to get both if possible so could you do the same for Vol 2.
I read some of your other sites you have a very interesting sense of humour. Are you by any chance a Brit living in the States, like me?
I have always wanted to give something back to the peopls I collect from, and I would like to recommend a book to you. Have ever read "Titus Groan" by Mervyn Peake? If you have'nt, give it a try.
Thanks again for Vol 1, I look forward to Vol 2.

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On Vol 2 you also posted smaller files to Vol 1. Which I grateful for.
If you get time I would still like to have Vol 2 sometime.
FYI the 20 cd set Triomph du R&B has a sequel The Triumph Of The Blues also 20 cd's over on jollyjokeralive-dot-blogspot-dot-com. Its a great site.