Friday, October 23, 2009

Horrific Child "L'Étrange Monsieur Whinster" (Eurodisc, 913063, 1976)

This rare French Horror-Psych-Prog is on the Nurse With Wound list; and assuming you're the kind of person who thinks they might enjoy a little French Horror-Psych-Prog in your life now & then, it's well worth the half an hour you'll need to invest in digesting it.

The work of Jean-Pierre Massiera (a guy behind an awful lot of interesting/ experimental audio), it can been seen as a pretty logical progression from the fantastic & spooky-themed Les Maledictus Sound project which he also helmed (and in fact was similar enough in vibe that the "Les Maledictus Sound" CD re-release even contains a "Horrific Child" excerpt). Weaving Krautrock-esque prog around a spacy horror-soundtrack atmosphere, it's a really hypnotizing listen....Part rock album, part experimental ...

01 Frayeur
02 Angoisse
03 H I A (Horreur Indescriptible Et Accumulee)

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