Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Funky 16 Corners

The Funky 16 Corners is a compilation of funk songs and instrumentals by little-known performers from the late 1960s to the mid 1970s. The album, released on

Stones Throw Records in 2001, pays homage to these forgotten funk bands and musicians.

Track listing

1. "Intro"
* Performed by Ebony Rhythm Band
2. "Dap Walk"
* Performed by Ernie & The Top Notes
3. "Let's Go (It's Summertime)"
* Performed by James Reese & The Progressions
4. "Trespasser"
* Performed by Bad Medicine
5. "The Funky 16 Corners"
* Performed by The Highlighters Band
6. "The Kick"
* Performed by The Rhythm Machine
7. "What About You (In The World Today)"
* Performed by Co Real Artists
8. "Interlude"
* Performed by Ebony Rhythm Band
9. "The Dump"
* Performed by Soul Vibrations
10. "Jody's Freeze"
* Performed by James Reese & The Progressions
11. "Kashmere"
* Performed by Kashmere Stage Band
12. "Fish Head"
* Performed by Slim & The Soulful Saints
13. "Tighten Up Tighter"
* Performed by Billy Ball & The Upsetters
* Featuring Roosevelt Matthews
14. "Southside Funk"
* Performed by The Soul Seven
15. "Can We Rap"
* Performed by Carleen & The Groovers
16. "Beautiful Day"
* Performed by Spider Harrison
17. "Go To Work [Alternate Version]"
* Performed by Revolution Compared To What
18. "The Phantom"
* Performed by Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen Plus One
19. "In The Rain"
* Performed by The Wooden Glass
* Featuring Billy Wooten
20. "Outro"
* Performed by Ebony Rhythm Band
21. "Bunky's Pick [Bonus Track]"
* Performed by Cut Chemist
22. "The Funky Buzzard [Bonus Track]"
* Performed by James Bell & The Turner Brothers


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